The Crazy 8s Difference


8 Minute Workouts

Countless 8 minute bodyweight workouts that can be completed anywhere at anytime. We cater for all goals / fitness levels!


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Crazy 8 Health

Personal dashboard, weekly task, blogs, forums and recovery sessions. Take your health to the next level today!


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0.88 Cents a Day

$6.12 a week gives you access to our platform. With a referal program / the ability to cancel at anytime, invest in you!


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Crazy 8 Extras

Weekly 30 minute live streamed workouts, audio sessions and health and wellness tips that are second to none!


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We want you to Succeed

We understand you live a busy life and making it to the gym can be hard - so we decided to "bring the gym to you" with bodyweight training! For $0.88 cents a day you'll receive access to our worldwide community, countless 8 minute bodyweight workouts, exclusive live streamed 30 minute sessions, blogs, community forums and so much more! We transform all areas of our members health and wellness through training, nutrition and stress management. So quit putting it off and let us guide you - think now and join Cam's Crazy 8s today!


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Receive our fortnightly newsletters from Cam and our community.



Become a member today!

An investment in yourself last a lifetime, think now and become apart of the Cam's Crazy 8s community today!

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Check Out What Our Members Are Saying


“Cam’s Crazy 8s helped me get my life back on track. My health changed within a few weeks both physically and mentally! I can't imagine what I would do without them.”

Ryan P

“I love the flexibility of being able to workout anywhere in the world. The live sessions are so new and refreshing and feels as if I have my own private PT supporting me every step of the way”

Cathy A

“Finally the future is here. I have met so many new people who have similar goals as me. This community is second to none. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals without them”

Peter F

“Cam’s Crazy 8s has saved my health. Travelling for work has always stopped me in the past from keeping on a steady training program. Its so affordable and easy, I highly recommend Cam and his team!”

Diana W