The Crazy 8s Difference

Bodyweight workouts that can be completed anywhere at anytime. We cater for all goals / fitness levels!

8 Minute Workouts

Countless 8 minute bodyweight workouts that can be completed anywhere at anytime. We cater for all goals / fitness levels!


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Crazy 8 Health

Health tracking, weekly tasks, blogs, forums and recovery sessions to ensure we transform your overall health / wellbeing!


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0.88 Cents a Day

$6.12 a week gives you access to our support and platform - with a referral program / the ability to cancel at anytime!


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Crazy 8 Extras

30-minute live streamed workouts, audio sessions, a worldwide community and 24/7 support that is second to none!


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We want you to Succeed

We understand you live a busy life and making it to the gym can be hard - so we decided to "bring the gym to you" with bodyweight training! For $0.88 cents a day you'll receive access to our worldwide community, countless 8 minute-bodyweight workouts, exclusive live streamed 30-minute sessions, blogs, community forums and so much more! We transform all areas of our members health and wellness through training, nutrition and stress management. So quit putting it off and let us guide you - think now and join Cam's Crazy 8s today!


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What is Cam’s Crazy 8s?

We are a health and wellness platform, designed by Cam. We base our programme around bodyweight workouts that can be completed at your convenience - anywhere at any time.

We also provide 30-minute live streamed workouts that are saved to our ‘Bonus Workouts’ page if missed, as well as blogs, forums, 24/7 support, health tracking technology and added extras – this is to ensure you’re not only transforming your fitness, but your overall health and wellbeing to.

How do I sign-up for the 14-day free trial / what does it include?

You can sign-up for your 14 -day free trail by clicking ‘Start Now’ OR ‘Free 14 Day Trail’ anywhere across the website. You will then need to submit a unique email address and complete a quick and easy registration form. Once these two steps are complete, you will gain full access to our platform, until you opt out of your subscription.

You will not need to enter-in any payment details until the 14-day free trial concludes.

What will I learn?

Cam has designed this platform to transform your overall health and wellbeing. Throughout this time, you will have total guidance from Cam as he takes you through weekly tasks, blogs and forums which focus on your nutrition, stress management and training strategies. You will also learn how to incorporate new habits into your everyday life to ensure your training becomes a long-lasting lifestyle change.

How much does a Cam’s Crazy 8s membership cost / how does it work?

Cam’s Crazy 8s is a subscription-based program; this means your membership will renew automatically at $12.32 / fortnight. There is no lock-in contracts, meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time throughout this journey – members can do this through their dashboard.

What fitness experience should I have before completing a workout?

All of our workouts use the resistance of your bodyweight. This means you can push yourself as hard, or as easy as you wish in each session. In all workouts Cam demonstrates beginner options to ensure all fitness levels can complete a challenging workout that is specific to your training history and goals.

How safe is my personal information?

The privacy of your information is a top priority for Cam’s Crazy 8s. Your information stays private, the only information that can be seen from other members is your username (that you provide yourself on sign-up).

Payment details are saved directly through SecurePay meaning no payment details are saved through the Cam’s Crazy 8s server. In order to process your payments as quickly and securely as possible, we use SecurePay as a third party – a leading company in secure online payments. To take a look at SecurePay’s security, please click here (

What support will I gain with my membership?

Cam wants to make this platform as personal as possible for each and every member. Therefore, on sign-up you will gain 24/7 support from Cam and other members - this is to ensure you maintain motivation and encouragement throughout this process. To contact Cam and his team directly;


Phone: We do not currently offer phone support. If you have emailed a query, one of our team members will be in contact within 24 hours.

I need more help

Please send us an email at hello@camscrazy8s or message us directly through our social media platforms @camscrazy8s and one of our team members will be able to assist you further.



Jordan Oakley, 31

"I struggle with following a plan and sticking to it, but when I followed Cam’s gut health program I stuck to it and managed to kick all my goals I had set. I now have more energy and feel better than ever!"

Blake Reid, 47

“I have just come off my 14-day free trial and will be continuing my journey with Cam. The 8 minute workouts are great for me to complete in the morning as I start work early. I’m already seeing results, thanks Cam!"

Janelle Fitzpatrick, 27

“I've been a member for 4-months now and can say it’s the best online fitness website I've come across. It has hundreds of 8, 20 and 30-minute workouts, AND I can track all my progress through my dashboard!"

Racheal O'neill, 25

"My first program was incredible, unique and I got amazing results! I have been following Cam's journey for about 6 months now before deciding to give it a go - I just wish I started earlier."

Joseph Thorpe, 32

“I contacted Cam directly when first trialling Cam’s Crazy 8s. Surprisingly I received a response immediately and he was genuinely interested in improving my overall health and fitness."

Peter Fitzgerald, 51

“I have met so many people with similar goals since becoming a member. The community forums allow me to ask any question with no judgement and I learn new information daily because of it!"

Diana Watson, 28

“Travelling for work has always prevented me from keeping a consistent training program. I recommend this platform to everyone of all abilities as it's so affordable and easy!"

Ryan Pickett, 37

“Cam’s Crazy 8s helped me get my life back on track. My health changed within a few weeks both physically and mentally through maintaining the training programs offered"

Cathy Jones, 41

“I love the flexibility of being able to workout anywhere. The weekly live streamed sessions are so new and refreshing and feels as if I have my own private PT supporting me every step of the way”

Robyn Glennie, 46

“I have never really been confident in a gym, and since becoming a member I'm the lightest I have been since I was 20 years old! I would highly HIGHLY recommend Cam.”

Penny Whitmore, 43

"I love that my heart rate is pushed up; I love that it’s in short bursts so boredom doesn’t set in and I love that it requires no equipment. I have never experienced workouts like these before!"

Lloyd James, 48

"I struggle with finding motivation of a morning, but using the dashboard on my profile allows me to stay on track. It connects to my calendar and plans my workouts! Thanks for kicking my butt Cam."

Samantha Shae, 39

“Being isolated at home because of COVID lead me to finding Cam’s Crazy 8s. At first I struggled with the workouts however, as time went on I became more comfortable. I have now lost 7kg in 5-weeks!”

Holly Pearce, 27

“There are so many workouts to choose from at Cam’s Crazy 8s, I work everything from my chest to thighs in one workout and it feels amazing afterwards! I complete multiple workouts a day (if I have the energy)!”

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