Hi fitness warriors!

The hardest part of anything is getting started – especially when it comes to transforming habits. Priorities in life can include work, family, friends, travel, plus much more. Sometimes this list is so endless that we forget to take the time to prioritise ourselves and our health.  

When planning Cam’s Crazy 8s, we looked at the people around us for inspiration to see what their lifestyles consisted of. Whether it be studying, work, travelling or even parents raising children. With this inspiration – the idea of Cam’s Crazy 8s was formed…

Throughout this blog, you are going to discover three ways to kickstart your health & wellbeing journey. These three tips are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle every day – just like our platform is designed to)!


There is many strategies and techniques that you can use when planning / implementing a ‘perfect goal.

The main objective when goal setting is to create a specific and emotionally driven goal that is going to motivate you throughout the hardest of times. The most effective technique is called ‘The 5 W’s.’ To borrow from primary school this is the: Who, What, When, Where and Why of a goal.

  • WHO are you wanting to achieve this goal for;
  • WHAT does this goal look like / what do you want to achieve;
  • WHEN are you going to accomplish this goal by;
  • WHERE are you going to do this; and
  • WHY are you wanting to make this change?

These five answers need to be specific, emotional and personalised for each individual. This method will also help you frame a goal into a lifestyle. Below are three examples of how you can to do this (remember, your goals need to be specific to yourself and emotionally driven to have a big impact on your life and motivation):

I am on this journey for myselfTo develop and maintain healthier habitsBy the end of 2020Exercising three times a week before work.Eat Wholefoods onlyTo be proud of myself when I look in the mirror every day
I am getting into shape for my childrenTo lose 20kgBy my son’s birthday(11th of August)Take 30-minutes between meetings a day to train – (Monday to Friday)So that I can play with my children and not have to watch on the side any longer
I am focusing on fitness with my partnerTo gain strength and body definitionBy our wedding(24th of October)Exercising at home(Four times a week)So, I can look great in photographs and remember the best version of myself on our special day

Once you complete this task, I you can save the answers as your screensaver,  or somewhere that you can view on a daily basis (such as your bathroom mirror, toilet door or even on your bedside table). Reminding yourself of these 5 W’s will result in consistent motivation and effectiveness from this task.


We all know that setting time aside for yourself can be hard. Therefore, the second tip is to set-up a schedule to manage daily tasks.

You can implement this schedule in a number of ways – whether it be by using a paper diary, tablet or another electronically synched device. I would highly recommend making your weekly schedule something that you can carry with you at all times from wherever you may be. 

Your Cam’s Crazy 8s dashboard also allows you to set up a customised schedule. This will not only allow you to manage the times and days you want to workout, but also ensure that you get notifications to remind you of every upcoming event!

If your schedule needs to change over time, it is important to adjust accordingly. Planning and scheduling help you remain accountable for all your workouts and life tasks. If you are someone who gets bored by fitness – come up with alternating schedules fortnightly or monthly to keep yourself engaged with your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle!


Nowadays, the accessibility of fast food can be far too easy to be complacent with your meal choices. There are always healthier alternatives that can be just as delicious and especially more nutritious – I like to call this process the ‘Food Game.’

The food game is a challenge you complete to make one item healthier in each meal you consume. This can be as simple as swapping a bread roll for a wrap, drinking an extra glass of water instead of alcohol, or removing your extra snack in your day that you may not need.

A way to keep this food game at the forefront of your mind is to set this into your weekly schedule. Setting yourself small goals using this schedule will help in staying accountable towards all your nutritional targets. 


Altogether, these three simple strategies will go such a long way in shaping your attitude towards your health and wellbeing. By setting a specific and emotionally driven goal, creating a personalised schedule for your current lifestyle, and adjusting eating habits one meal at a time – you will be one step closer to shape your future self!

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 I’ll see you next time!

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