Hi fitness warriors!

If you are just beginning your health and wellbeing transformation, outlining where to begin can be a daunting task. Below I have placed five habits that can accelerate your weight loss potential. Take your time when reading this blog and most importantly, aim to implement these habits into your current lifestyle starting today!


Amongst the hustle and bustle of life, we can forget oner crucial yet usually forgotten task – water consumption…

Staying hydrated is important to ensure your body performs at it’s full potential. This includes the improvement of your metabolism, digestive system, learning ability and even promoting awareness of your surroundings.

Your digestive system is accountable for flushing out the negative components and toxins in your body and these are the same toxins to which make your body retain weight (so if you’re after weight loss – this is vital)! Therefore, the first task is to maintain hydration as your body will be able to process toxins easier and quicker! I recommend consuming 2.5 – 3L of water each.

There are great products available to assist in accomplishing this task, including water bottles that benchmark your hourly intake and products that calculate your body’s recommended daily water intake. >>Click here<<to find out more!


We are all been guilty of scoffing down our meals when in a rush. Whether it’s to consume your lunch before your next meeting, or consuming your favourite meal so quickly because it was too delicious not to. However, you probably didn’t realise that by not pacing yourself, you are negatively impacting your weight loss potential.

Eating slowly has many health benefits. Firstly, it helps your digestive system break-down food faster and secondly, it allows your stomach to feel ‘full’ sooner. Both resulting in you feeling less bloated after a meal and the acceleration of your digestive system. Listed below are strategies that can assist you to eat slower;

  • Pace yourself off the slowest eater in the room;
  • Eat at the table where you can focus on your meal (and the people around you) rather than in front of the TV – engaging in conversation helps to slow down the pace of a meal, so engage with those around you!; and
  • Drink water while you’re eating – it assists your digestion and is a good distraction between each bite!

Whatever works for you, take the time to enjoy each bite and stop powering through your meals!


Cams Crazy 8’s workouts are specifically designed to optimise your results in a short amount of time. Throughout our workouts, we have used specific training techniques such as blood shunting, HIIT, and Tabata training in order to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time! Benefits of completing our workouts include:

  • Boosting your metabolic rate for hours after exercise;
  • Lowering blood sugar;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Muscle toning; and
  • Improvement of your core strength as well as your power to weight ratio.

Members who implement our workouts show that the number of calories burned in our 8-minute workouts can be more than those burned in a standard 30-minute session (if done correctly)!


Making sure you maximise every workout is essential and nutrition is a major part of this.

Whether you are like me and enjoy training early in the morning, or you desire a night-time exercise routine – the below steps can be implemented to optimise your weight loss throughout any training session;

  • When we sleep, our body naturally fasts and doesn’t have a sufficient amount of carbohydrates to produce energy. When this happens, your body turns to your excess fat storage as a source of energy to burn throughout a workout – use this strategy by completing a workout prior to consuming your first meal of the day. 
  • When using the above strategy, you may need something to get you out of bed and as we all know coffee is an incredible tool for this. Consuming coffee can also be strategically used to optimise fat loss throughout your morning workout. When consuming coffee before exercise, fat cells in the body will be more stimulated. This will result in your metabolism to speed up as the day goes on – which therefore forces your body to burn more calories.

Recovering after each workout;

  • Try to have a high protein and healthy fat dense meal between 1-2 hours after your session. This will help refuel the body and restore the muscles (head to our next blog for more examples)!
  • If you are completing a workout in the evening – try to have a coffee around 30-60 minutes before you’re due to start.  Also indulge in a nutritious meal between 1.5-2 hours before, and 1-2 hours after.

Meal portioning is a significant weakness for newcomers to the health and fitness world. Common habits can include eating large meals frequently, eating large meals to catch up for missed meals and even not supplying your body with sufficient nutrients and vitamins by eating to less in each meal. 

If any of this sounds like you – head over to our next blog as we tell you specifically how much food you need to consume each day!


Altogether, these five simple strategies will go a long way into shaping your health transformation. Be sure to implement all five into your everyday life if you are serious about accelerating your results!

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