My Vision

After years in the health & fitness industry, I see myself an expert at transforming peoples health. I have been sorrounded by industry professionals for the past decade, developing a passion to provide an affordable & reliable way for everyone to achieve thier goals - regardless of where they may be in the world. Our unique platform caters for all fitness abilities; providing a supportive community, effective guidance & most importantly, every rescource you need at your finger tips!

Cams Crazy 8s - Worldwide Live Online Training
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Live Streamed Workouts

Cams Crazy 8s - Live 8 Minute Videos Daily


Our bodyweight workouts will fit into your busy schedule. We provide hundreds of 8, 20, & 30-minute workouts that can be completed from wherever you may be. Our workouts cater for all goals, including; accelerated weight loss, improved health & fitness, enhanced strength & toning, as well as mobility & flexibility.


Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts


Enhance your knowledge from leading industry professionals. Through our educational programs, we provide text, visual and audio content to ensure all members can adopt realistic tips, tricks, and tasks into their current lifestlyle. Our programs cover hundreds of topics including; nutriton, stress mangement, training, lifestyle, and much more!

Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts


Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts

Health Tracking

Upon sign-up, you will gain access to a personal dashboard. This dashboard is created to store every peice of information related to your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. This includes; goals, progress images, progress reports, training history and much more. On top of this, you will be assigned a personalised schedule each 28-days to accelerate your results!


Cams Crazy 8s - Thriving Community


Cam's Crazy 8s strives to create a supportive community. We provide weekly live streamed workouts, community forums, and 24/7 support to ensure you no longer feel alone. This provides exclusive access to myself and like-minded people at all times. Sign-up for your free trial now to experience this support first-hand!

Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts