My Vision

Having years of experience in the health and fitness industry and an athletic sporting background, I see transforming people's health as second nature. With this passion and experience I formed Cam’s Crazy 8s - an affordable and reliable way to help hundreds of people achieve their health and wellness goals. Our unique online format is designed to fit your lifestyle as we are committed to providing you a supportive fitness community, comprehensive information and challenging workouts!

Cams Crazy 8s - Worldwide Live Online Training
8 Workouts To Choose From
Live Streamed 30-Minute Workouts
Frequently Added Extras
Thriving Community Forums
Keeping You Accountable

Cams Crazy 8s - Live 8 Minute Videos Daily

8 Workouts To Choose From

Our 8-minute bodyweight workouts are designed to fit into your busy schedule. With countless workouts to choose from and no equipment needed, you will have the ability to train from wherever you may be! Our 8 workouts are specifically categorised to assist members with accelerating weight loss, health and fitness, strength / definition and mobility / flexibility.


Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts

Live Streamed 30-Minute Workouts

With Cam and your fellow members by your-side, you will never complete a live streamed workout alone! Our weekly live streams will transform your full-body and can be completed from wherever you may be. Our platform is designed to place all live streams onto the bonus workouts page for anyone who has missed out and is after completing a 30-minute session.

Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts


Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts

Frequently Added Extras

Every day is different at Cam's Crazy 8s. Cam offers members several workouts of the weeks, warm-up / recovery videos plus countless 8-minute sessions. This is designed so each and everyday is a challenge and to ensure you never need to complete the same workout twice!


Cams Crazy 8s - Thriving Community

Thriving Community Forum's

Cam strives to create an online supportive community. Cam has created countless community forums and blogs where members from across the globe can chat and motivate each other! Cam designed this to keep you accountable throughout each and every step of your health and wellness journey and to connect you with other like minded people!

Cams Crazy 8s - 8 Workouts