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Three Steps to Optimising a Workout

Have you ever told yourself 'today I'll complete a workout,' however by the time your head hits the pillow - it didn’t happen - OR - How many times have you completed a workout because you think ‘it’s the right thing to do,’ although you end up giving it an half-ass effort as you’re not fully motivated to give it 110%? In today’s blog, this is what we're going to fix!

Developing a Sustainable Mindset

Do you have the correct mindset in order to develop a healthier, happier and sustainable future?  Our minds are powerful and we constantly strive to turn pain and hurt into a feeling of comfort and pleasure. This can be the main reason to why people decide to binge eat, drink alcohol, take drugs or interact in any other activities we see as “pleasurable.” This blog will teach you to find internal pleasure throughout your health and wellness journey!

Beat your Habits through Mindfulness

Your emotions, state of mind and everyday habits all have one thing in common - they vary depending on the food we consume. Many people tend to eat when they are celebrating, being social or even when we are happy or sad. In this blog we uncover how becoming 'mindful' of our food can transform your current lifestyle forever...

How Food can ‘Heal’ your Body

Throughout history, civilisations have been using food as a source of medicine. If you were ever told that eating carrots can improve your eyesight, you're already more familiar with the “Doctrine of Foods" than you thought - keep reading and learn more...

Stress Less (or more)! It’s all about Management!

Everyone experiences stress in some way, shape or form and without it we would be bored, unmotivated and even depressed. Did you know that stress can be the major factor when it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals? Find out why here...

Five ways to Accelerate your Weight Loss Journey Today!

If you’re just getting started - working out exactly what to do can be a daunting task. Therefore, I have placed my top five tips and tricks to accelerate your weight loss journey into one blog...

Introduction to Cam's Crazy 8s

Welcome to Cam's Crazy 8s!

As you are now officially embarking on this journey, it's of high importance that you read this blog in detail to guarantee you get the most out of your time here both physically and mentally. Throughout this blog we will discuss how to set up your dashboard, track your progress, book in for workouts and so much more!

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