Developing a sustainable mindset


Hi Fitness Warriors,


Do you have the correct mindset to develop a healthier, happier and sustainable future? 

As humans, we tend to consistently turn pain and hurt, into a feeling of comfort and pleasure. This can be the main reason why people decide to binge eat, drink alcohol, take drugs or interact in any other activities we see as 'pleasurable.' Whether it's a stressful day and you seek pleasure through ice-cream, or whether you’re emotional tired and you decide to interact with illicit substances (such as obsessive drinking). These are two examples of common habits and in today’s blog, we're going to teach you to find pleasure in yourself and in your accomplishments to ensure you no longer need to seek pleasure through external objects/activities.


Step 1:

The mind can be used as a powerful tool; whatever we tend to focus our attention on, we move towards - both emotionally and physically. Therefore, how can we find enough contentment in our goals, accomplishments and ourselves to no longer need the comfort of ice cream or illicit substances in times of pain?

Firstly, we need a fresh start; whether you’re commencing your health and well-being journey today, or whether you have been training for a number of years - we all need to start together, right now, in the same place.

We then need to answer two critical questions;

  1. What do I want? and
  2. What is stopping me from having it?

(It’s important to note that this exercise isn’t individualized for your health and can be used for all areas in your life)

Once you have the answers to the above two questions - write them down. The next step of this exercise is to ask yourself WHY;

  1. WHY do I want this? and
  2. WHY is this stopping me from having this?

Repeat this question (WHY) until you can no longer have a specific answer. If you are struggling with this exercise, I recommend repeating the asking and answering of 'why' five times, using the fifth time as your final answer - the idea is, the more you think - the more emotional the answer becomes.

Throughout these steps, it’s important to be real with yourself as this will allow you to discover a deep purpose and reason of what you want and why you want this (whether you’re after weight loss, to become happier, eat healthier or whatever it may be).


Step 2:

Now we know what we want and why we want this - we can commence the following exercise which is focused on your mindset.

The issue with diets, is their short-term solutions - a diet sets us with limitations of what we can and can’t eat and the expectations of how many times we need to train a week / for how long. Either way, this is an unhealthy way of living, both for our body’s and our mindset.

Throughout a diet, it's common to develop the fear of failure, “If I eat this muffin, I will fail my diet,” “If I don’t train today, I will fail my diet” and so on… This fear of failure then prevents us from building a sustainable, long-term, healthy lifestyle and the solution to this problem is to remove the fear of failure from your mindset altogether. 

To do this; I want you to set yourself the vision and broad goal of improving your overall way of eating, exercising, lifestyle and happiness (and any other aspect that is important to you).

Having this broad goal of improving your overall health and well-being means you will develop the mindset of improvement. “If I miss training today, I will do a little extra tomorrow” and “if I have this muffin today, tomorrow I will eat a little healthier.” This mindset is much healthier and sustainable in the long-run as you no longer have set limitations and expectations.


Step 3:

The third and final exercise we need to run through is the task of implementation and sacrifice (keeping in mind the deep reason of what you want and what may be stopping you from having this).

For example;

  • What foods are you willing to implement and avoid in order for you to achieve your end goal?
  • How much time a week are you willing to put aside for yourself to focus on your health and fitness? or lastly
  • How much time a week are you willing to put aside for yourself to de-stress, focus and relax your mind (for example, through meditation).


By answering the above and setting yourself small, realistic goals, you will edge closer to your desired outcomes. Re-look and re-visit this task over time to develop your schedule, as you have now created a personalised diet and exercise plan that is perfect for you and your mindset!


So how to know if your current lifestyle is sustainable?

For an activity or habit to be sustainable in the long run - it needs to bring you four important traits/emotions.

  1. It needs to feel good;
  2. It needs to feel fun and free;
  3. It needs to be meaningful to you and your beliefs; and
  4. You need to feel love or supported by the people around you.

If any of the above four traits are missing, it can make it harder to sustain this habit for long periods of time.



Altogether, if you are going to develop a suitable, long-term lifestyle it needs to be on your terms. Therefore, you can no longer have the fear of failure and there needs to be enhanced purpose and inspiration of what you want and what may be preventing you from achieving this. Finally, you will need to feel the four main emotions in your everyday life whilst improving your overall health and fitness to truly enjoy the process.

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I’ll see you next time!