How Food can ‘Heal’ your Body


Hi Fitness Warriors!


Food can be used to assist our body's in many different ways and without it we would't be able to function. In today's blog we are going to focus on how certain foods you consume can heal your body (both inside and out)! 

Throughout history, civilisations have been using food as a type of medicine. If you were ever told that eating carrots would help you see in the dark - then you already know more about the “Doctrine of Foods" than you thought!

The doctrine of foods is a holistic approach to health and wellenss. Many health professionals have researched into the doctrine of foods and have discovered an undeniable link between specific natural foods and their positives they have on our body's and organs. 

Below are a handful of great examples, you may notice the similiarity's many of these foods have in appearance to their desired area of health - this is the doctrine of foods! 



Tasty foods to become healthier


Roots (eg. Ginger):

Roots such as ginger are an incredible food that reduces the inflammatory

responses in the body. This encourages healthy, gentle, detoxification - 

and digestion which increases the ability - to nourish ourselves -

(good for fertility).

Doctrine of foods

nutritional guidance


Red Grapes:

High in Vitamin B and A which assists in the production of -

red blood cells in our body. 

iron deficiency

bodyweight training


Green Grapes:

High in fibre and water - assisting in breaking down cholesterol levels.



High source of iron - this has numerous health benefits.

home fitness training

immune system boosting foods



High in Vitamin K, which assists calcium when strengthening -

our bones.

health and lifestyle

Improve fitness anywhere at anytime



High in fibre, Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

ovarian cancer

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How can this help me?


As seen above, certain foods assist the body by providing various nutrients and natural supplements that directly assist in healing. While this is in not a replacement for medical advice or medicines - the above will assist you in the development of natural healing and can replace certain supplements. As crazy as this may sound, by trying this you will witness a difference!




Altogether, the doctrine of foods can go such a long way into shaping your attitude towards health and fitness. Once you can make a connection to the food you consume and the way your body feels / reacts - your mindset will expand far beyond food only being something we place into our mouths.

Just remember: Stay strong against processed foods, stay motivated to make healthy food choices and stay connected to your body’s needs! Keep checking back in to the CC8s member’s forums, blogs and workouts to stay up to date on all things fitness. Our community at CC8s is here to support you and your goals to ensure you stay on track to become the heathiest version of yourself!


I’ll see you in your next workout!