Introduction to Cam's Crazy 8s


Hi Fitness Warriors!


Welcome to Cam’s Crazy 8s!

As you are now embarking on your health and wellness journey, it's of high importance that you read this blog in detail to guarantee you get the most out of your time here. Throughout this blog we'll discuss all aspects of Cam's Crazy 8s, this includes how to set up your dashboard, track your results, set up a schedule, set goals and even receive a free membership - so without further ado, lets get into it!




Before reading on, allow me to quickly share the Cam's Crazy 8s journey so far;

It all began in 2017 with a young, driven, hard working personal trainer - me!

In my time as a personal trainer, I saw hundreds of members come in and out of the gym every single day - ranging from young, old, overweight, underweight and everything in between and even though these people were driven to create a happier and healthier future for themselves, one thing was missing - direction!

Members would come into the gym and not know what to do or how to do it and most importantly, members would have the right intentions but no idea how to achieve their required goals. This is why I took it upon myself and formed CC8s.

Our online platform is designed to guide and support you along your health and wellness journey. We dive into all topics that we believe are going to help YOU accelerate YOUR transformations  as you are no longer alone and without direction anymore!

Below are aspects to our platform that I need you to learn before moving forward;




The CC8s Dasboard is designed to be "your hub;" here you will set your goals, track your progress, plan, book in for workouts and so much more! As this is a private page, we encourge all members to make this page as personal as you can be - this will therefore keep you motivated each and every time you login.

Listed below are the three main areas of your Dashboard so please read carefully;


  1. Account Info


Firstly, you will need to set-up your account information.   

The main aspect of your “account information” is to set up an inspiring “note to self.” This is for you to read, each and every time you login.

Your “note to self” can be whatever you please, however if you can set this up to be an emotional trigger and reminder of why your're signed up, you can create a strong urge of motivation everytime you login. 

Through your "account information" you can also store progress images!

Progress images can be a vital tracking point of your physical shape every 6-weeks.

The three main images I would like you to track and post are listed below (remembering no one else can see these):


  • Full-body Front;
  • Full-body Side; and
  • Full-body Behind.


These three images will enable you to notice your physical change over time - this can highlight areas you firstly want to transform, then secondly the changes you actually transform once you commence your training with us. We recommend you update these images every 6-weeks.

Use this as motivation; no matter your goal, physical change will occur if you follow the process and our guidelines (this is exciting for you)!




Dashboard Information

Dashboard – Click "Edit My Profile" – Add Information + Note for yourself – click “Submit”

Progress Photos

Dashboard – Click “Show all / Add Progress Photos” – Upload Image – “Choose File” and select of Browser – click “Submit”


  1. My Goals


“My Goals” is one of the most important sections when it comes to health and fitness.


In “My Goals,” you are going to have the option to set as many goals as you wish - I recommend three different goals (short term, long term and a check in point between the two).

As you read through our blog content, you will discover that an emotionally driven goal will always be more powerful to inspire you every time you login. When you master your goal setting, I guarantee you will be unstoppably motivated!

As you can see above, I have three very basic examples – make sure yours are more specific and emotionally connected to what you want to accomplish.

To receive extra assistance in selecting your chosen goals, please check out the "Three Ways to Stay on Track" blog after reading this or reach out for guidance and assistance at




Adding / Editing My Goals

Dashboard – click “Edit” or “Add New” – Fill Form – click “Submit”


  1. Progress Report / Taking Measurements


Your "Progress Report" is where CC8s and your dashboard become unique and personalised specifically for you.

Throughout this section you will have the ability to track any area of your health and wellness; Similar to progress images, receiving results are a massive motivator and tracker to see where your improving / need to focus on more. Throughout your time with CC8s we will ask you to re-take these measurements every 6-weeks through your weekly task.

Please see below for an example of how you can set-up the progress report section;


There are default actions pre-set, however you can (and should) change these to meet your own requirements as these need to be personal and important to YOU!

On your dashboard, you have the ability to track up to eight measurements. To make the most of your time here, I strongly recommend ensuring they have a combination of:


  • Measurements (waist / chest / legs specifically);
  • Mindset (stress levels / sleep hours); and
  • Something especially important to YOU (like the amount of workouts being completed a week, weight, glasses of water etc...).


Just remember, there are no right or wrong actions to set, as long as the eight actions you select are important, custom to you and in line with your goals. Please see below for the steps you need to take to set up this section;




Adding / Editing you Progress Report


Dashboard – click “Edit Columns” – Choose / Add desired columns – click “Submit”

Adding / Editing:

Dashboard – click “Edit” or “Add New” – Fill out your Actions – click “Submit”


If you’ve never taken your measurements before, never fear! Here is a quick breakdown of how I recommend you track your progress:




Between your elbow and shoulder bone – you will find the centre/ largest section of your arm.

Place a measuring tape firmly around this section when found. Pull the measuring tape tightly to get the measurement.



Place the measuring tape over your left and right nipple as these generally mark the centre of your chest.

After doing so, wrap the measuring tape in a straight line directly under your arm pits and back (ensure the measuring tape stays around the centre of your chest) and pull tightly to get the measurement.



Place the measuring tape on your belly button. Once there, wrap the tape around your waist ensuring it stays at a straight level. Once completed, pull tightly to receive your measurement.



Your hip measurement will be the largest part of your glutes (butt). Wrap the tape directly around your hips and pull tightly to receive your measurement.


Find the centre of your leg by using your knee cap and hip bone as a guide. Once ready, find the centre of these two points and wrap the measuring tape around. Pull tightly to receive your measurement.


4. Referral System


Through your dashboard, you have the access to refer a friend! Do this by hitting the "Receive 2-Weeks Free" button!

This will then give you two options:


#1 - Notify your friend:

This will then ask you to enter the friend’s name and email address. The CC8s team will then send them through an email with their sign up steps!

#2 - Share on your Socials:

This is an awesome opportunity for you! We will give you a link to post onto any social media platform. For every person that clicks on your link and signs up, you will receive two weeks free! That means if you get 10 friends to sign up to CC8s through your link, you’ll get 20 weeks free (that's almost 6 months)!


We strive on creating a supportive and like minded community where members from all over the world come together to acheive their goals. Our referral programme is designed to help you financially and to grow the CC8s community with the people most important to you!




Finally, the aspect that everybody is excited about!

CC8s is a unique platform with bodyweight workouts at the forefront! The CC8 workouts are exclusive to us and all of our workouts take only 8-minutes to complete!

Before getting into CC8 workouts, there are a few things you need to know!


  • Throughout our 30 minute Live Streams we don’t conduct any warm-ups before-hand or recovery afterwards. Therefore, we have uploaded a selection of Warm-up and Recovery videos to the “Bonus Workouts” page. We highly recommend completing these before and after your workouts to ensure you are ready to go as soon as our live streams commence!
  • We understand that members may not always be able to make the Live Streamed times. Therefore, CC8s has 24/7 access to countless 8 minute workouts, workouts of the week, workouts of the day and much more! These workouts change frequently to give you varitey each and everyday!
  • The live streamed workouts are structured as followed:
    • Firstly, live streams commence;
    • When the workout is over, the workout stream is moved to the “Bonus Workouts” page;
    • This will be kept available here, alongside many other workouts for the remainder of the week!


This will give all members access to almost 50 workouts at a time! To learn more, read on…

Schedule / Accountability


If you can develop a system / schedule to keep yourself accountable over a period of time - I can almost ensure you, that you will acheive your health and wellness goals!

The purpose of creating a schedule is to push yourself and plan ahead, this is to ensure you stop procrastinating and delaying workouts that you know you wish to complete. This is going to push you at the start and we understand that, however CC8s is always here to help you fit in and prioritise your training and health - no matter how hard this may be! After all, it's only 8-minutes at a time!                                                                       

On day-7 of your membership, you will also start to receive the CC8s fortnightly task. So whether it's getting out of bed early, not watching another episode of your favourite TV show or even spending some time during your lunch break, CC8s is going to help build fitness into your current lifestyle!

To discover the steps needed to be taken and to set up your schedule, please see below. This is designed to automatically book in workouts onto you chosen devices calender which will then send you a reminder;




Booking in for workouts

In your Dashboard – Weekly Workouts – click “Book” on selected workout – My Workouts – Add to calendar (this will then enable you to receive a reminder for the workout)

In your Calendar – click on selected workout – Go to “Dashboard” – Same as above


Community Forums


If you’re new to Cam’s Crazy 8s - welcome!

As you may already know, we are a community of like minded people who come together on a platform with the common goal of creating a long lasting, healthy lifestyle!

Our main community access points are through the forums page, the live stream workout chat and by contacting

In these areas, we want the community to form and discuss topics that they need extra assistance in, share results and goals and push one-another each and everyday! The more you build a strong relationship with our community, the more accountable and driven you will be!




Lastly, our blogs.

Our blogs are a forever growing point of CC8s and need to be for you as well!

You now have the exclusive opportunity to learn the in's and out's of your health and wellness. We give you access to our comprehensive blogs and best of all - it’s all stored in one place!

However, it's important to take your time when you read through our blogs as this can be where so many people go wrong - rushing through content and forgetting half of the information they absorbed and never implementing. This may then lead to confusion and cause difficulty when seeking long-term lifestyle changes.

The purpose of our blogs is to inform you of new lifestyle habits, plus the steps you need to take to implement them. Collectively, these habits will go a long way in assisting you create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My top tips when reading the blogs are:


  • When starting, head to our “Start Learning” page where you will receive the first few steps of vital information;
  • Once reading a blog, take time to understand the information - read it once, twice, three times (whatever you need);
  • Map out the steps you need to take to implement your new profound knowledge into your everyday life and habits rather than never changing;
  • Over the span of a couple of days or weeks, implement these steps and habits until it becomes second nature to you; and
  • When the previous blog information becomes a habit, you are then ready to move onto the next.


Repeat the above steps for each and every blog you read. Although some topics may not catch your attention, they are there for a reason, as each and every blog you implement will slowly start to create your new balanced lifestyle that will assist you both mentally and physically. This is how you are going to make a massive difference!




Overall, welcome to your new community! There may be ups and downs along the way, however this community will always be there to ensure you pick yourself up and keep pushing forward.

These small, yet crucial aspects of CC8s will go such a long way into shaping your attitude towards your health and fitness (and in keeping yourself accountable). For the next 100 days, you will receive my fortnightly tasks - by assigning these small and acheivable tasks each and every week, no member get's left behind or are without guidance!

This is the time you finally reach your goals and change your health and wellness forever! So stay strong, stay motivated and stay connected to the Cam’s Crazy 8s community!


I’ll see you in your next workout!


Please email if you need extra assistance.