Strategise your Shopping - Maximise Healthy Eating


Hi Fitness Warriors!


Although online shopping is getting more popular - it's important to become weary of how to strategise your food shopping. Have you ever wondered why the first and last thing you see when at the super market is chocolate, chips, lollies and soft drinks? These are the processed foods that we like to treat ourselves with that grocery stores place in the fore-front of our vision to test your willpower.

As consumers, we're taught to shop as the stores want us to (and everything we see is placed their for a particular reason) and it's important to re-train our shopping strategies as we start to focus on our health and wellness / building a healthy lifestyle! If done correctly - this can assist in lowering your processed food intake and improve our natural / whole-food intake (which is great)!


Negatives of processed foods?


Don't get me wrong, some processed foods can be delicious, yet in some cases, can be far from nutritious. When looking at the nutritional guide on the back of these processed foods you will commonly find that they consume;

  • High amounts of sugar, fat and salt;
  • Contain artificial ingredients / flavours;
  • Are low in important nutrients and minerals; and lastly
  • Low in fibre - which makes us feel "full" / lowers our cholesterol.

If processed foods are a common part of your nutrition, you're at risk to suffer from the below conditions;

  • Risk of obesity;
  • Tiredness / fatigue; 
  • Lack of nutrients and minerals; and much more...

Ultimately processed foods (in most cases) are an unhealthy option and by removing processed foods from your diet, you will be well on your way to accelerating weight loss / overall health and fitness.


Benefits of whole-foods:


"Whole-foods" generally mean food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or any-other artificial substances. Our body's respond well to this and therefore the health benefits of consuming whole-foods include:

  • Improving your immune system - as you are getting more nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your meals;
  • Improving digestion - as your body can naturally digest this food faster:
  • Increased energy and awareness; and
  • Feel fuller for longer - meaning you eat less and feel satisfied with the food you're consuming.


So, how can I shop better to add in more whole-foods?


The secret to better grocery shopping is; awareness and planning.

Next time you do your weekly grocery shop, have a look around your store of choice - in most cases, whole-foods are located around the outsides of the aisles (see diagram below);


Clean eating strategies



Using the above diagram as a guide - you will notice that all fresh and whole-foods can be found on the outside of the stores aisles. This is where the mantra “out of sight, out of mind” can be implied when it comes to cutting down your processed food intake or quiting a bad habit.

The easiest way to take control over your shopping is to set yourself a percentage goal for both whole and processed foods (for example your shopping will contain 60% whole-foods and only 40% processed foods) - this will work for online shopping to. Each shop you then strive to improve the percentages until you can find a balanced and maintanable ground to stay on moving forward.

If you can keep track of your whole-foods intake over a period of time and strive to make healthier and nutritious choice each time you shop and eat - you will improve your nutritional intake dramatically - out of sight, out of mind!


Adding whole-foods into your daily nutrition:


There is several tips and tricks that you can use when planning your weekly meals. Please see below;

  • Write a list of foods you want to exclude from your diet, then place this somewhere viewable to make sure you never cave into your craving's OR purchase this food! Make sure you don’t divert from this list;
  • Implement “out of sight, out of mind” to your home. If you don't have the food, you can't easily obtain it;
  • Plan and prepare what you’re having to eat each and every day to cater for when you don't feel like cooking (use your schedule);
  • Discover new whole-food recipes so you can start to fall in love with this taste over processed food (keep these recipes somewhere safe so you can make it frequently).

The above strategies can be easily implemented into your shopping schedule; at the end of the day, awareness is crucial! The CC8s forums also give you access to great recipes and food alternatives - share some great whole-food recipes here!




Altogether, minimalizing your processed food intake / implementing smarter shopping strategies will go such a long way into shaping health and fitness habits. Just remember: Stay strong against processed foods, stay motivated to increase your whole-foods percentage and stay connected to your nutritional goals! Keep checking back in to the CC8s member forums, blogs and workouts to stay up to date on all things fitness. Our community at CC8s is here to support you and your goals to ensure you stay on track to become the healthiest version of yourself!


I’ll see you in your next workout!