Three Steps to Optimising a Workout



Hi Fitness Warriors!


Have you ever told yourself 'today I'll complete a workout,' however by the time your head hits the pillow - it didn’t happen - OR - How many times have you completed a workout because you think ‘it’s the right thing to do,’ although you end up giving it an half-ass effort as you’re not fully motivated to give it 110%? In today’s blog, this is what we're going to fix!

Today we will cover the top three strategies that I use each and every week to get the most out of myself and my time. We will do this by firstly covering your motivation, secondly your time management and then thirdly, the ways to which you can optimise each and every session to ensure you always give it that 110%. Implementing today’s three strategies will result in accelerating your results - as your goals will be clear, your workouts will be more consistent and your intensity in each workout will be higher (meaning you’ll be burning more calories / pushing your fitness and muscles more with each and every movement) I recommend you complete each step alongside me throughout todays blog as you will learn faster AND it’ll tell yourself that RIGHT NOW is the time for change!

Without further ado, let’s get into it;


  1. Setting a Clear Intention:


This is the first and most important step!

You may have previously read blogs where they chat about the importance of motivation - and strategies to maintain motiviation (if you did want to read up on this further, I recommend reading our ‘Three Ways to Stay on Track’ blog as a starting point). However, although motivation is crucial to achieving any goal you set – there is one step that comes prior to it - and in my eyes this is even more important…YOUR INTENTION!

In many of our workouts, it's common for me to say ‘keep your intention at the fore-front of your mind,’ although what does this really mean? The definition of intention is ‘a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.’

For your health and fitness, this is exactly what I want you to do right now.

By developing an intention, you will create a clear mental state to ensure you know exactly what your wanting to achieve each and every week. For myself, my intention is to maintain a peak in both mental and physical health to ensure I have no restrictions in my everyday life – however for you, this will be different. What I want you to do (even if you think you know what your intention is) is complete the below simple task;


  • Firstly, you need to write down a full-list of what you want to achieve and develop around your health and wellness. This can be your goals, your reasons to keep active OR even any challenges that you have set for yourself to achieve - write down anything that comes up, no matter if this is five or fifty goals in length! Examples may be: Losing 3 clothes sizes; Improving your fitness so you can play with your kids more; Enhancing your mobility; or, running 21km - it doesn't matter what you place on this list, as long as it's clear and personalised for you!


  • Next, you will need to read over the full-list - once you have done this your task is to sum it all up into one clear intention! You'll need to do this by discovering a common factor that continues to arise in a majority of your goals. In most cases you'll realise that 9/10 of your goals are based around fat-loss, or 9/10 of your goals are based around looking or feeling healthier and happier – after all, there is no wrong answer as long as you stay true to yourself and give this task 110%. Once you have discorved your common factor, set your clear and specific intention - if done correctly, a specific emotion may arise - whether this be an urge of motivation, passion or even gratitude.


Overall, make sure you don’t rush through this task as it can be the difference in achieving your goals now, or in the long-term. You will know exactly when this intention is right for you as your thoughts will be clearer around your health and fitness each and every week!


  1. Planning and Selecting the Correct Workout:


As mentioned at the start of the blog, it’s common for people to tell themselves that they’ll complete a workout today – without it actually happening. Therefore, this step is the strategy you should implement to ensure workouts become more consistant - it’s important to use your clear intention when completing this next step;

As humans, it’s well known that if something isn’t made a priority and scheduled into a calendar, then 9/10 times it doesn’t happen. Therefore, before you commence this strategy, I need you to open up your calendar / method of choice that you use regularly to schedule in your daily task - if you currently don’t use a calendar / schedule frequently you can use the Cam’s Crazy 8s schedule on your dashboard for the below:


  • The first step in the ‘Planning and selecting the correct workout stage,’ is be realistic: I want you to ask yourself - how much time a week SPECIFICALLY and REALISTICALLY are you willing to set aside and train? (We have gone into more detail with this first step through our ‘Developing a Sustainable Mindset’ blog. If you are wanting to learn more, please read here). A majority of the workouts at Cam’s Crazy 8s take 8-minutes to complete, therefore if you’re only willing to set aside 60-minutes a week for training, you can still complete 2 – 8 workouts in a 7-day period (depending on the length of each session)! 


  • Secondly (by keeping this realistic amount of time a week in your mind), look at your calendar / schedule and plan your workout schedule for the next 7-days: Remember, this can be as simple as completing one 30-minute workout one day, and then completing three 8-minute workouts over three other days – it’s completely your choice as long as it’s realistic and works in with you and your lifestyle! Throughout this step it’s important to make sure you enter in the specific time for your session on each day - if you are doing this through the schedule on your dashboard, wait until you have read through the following step.


  • You may have entered in two, three or six workouts for the next 7-days - either way this last step is designed to make your workout schedule even easier to maintain! We'll do this is by using your clear intention and selecting the perfect workouts that will assist you in achieving your goals faster. As you may be aware, our workout library offers a range of full-body 30-minute workouts, plus specifically designed 8 minute workouts for weight loss, health and fitness, muscular strength and toning or mobility. Using this list of workouts, I want you to enter in the specific workout that you’ll complete next to each sessions time and day on your workout schedule. For example: You may complete a weight loss workout for one session, a mobility workout for one session, and then a 30-minute full-body workout for one session (if you are willing to set aside 45-minutes a week to train). Just remember, there is no right answer, as long as it’s in-line with your intention and in-line with your lifestyle. By the end of this step, you should now have each specific day, time and workout that you will be completing over the next 7-day period.


The purpose behind this step is to make it ‘too easy, not to complete.’ Therefore, if we can get you to know exactly when each workout is, how long each workout will take AND know exactly what workout you will be completing, then the excuse of ‘it’s too hard’ can no longer exist.

The only reason you will now have to not complete a workout is your motivation – therefore, be sure to not let your clear intention out of your mind, to not let yourself make excuses and to remember that the time you put aside each and every week is for YOU to focus on YOU and nothing else should get in the way of that (as selfish as this may sound, it’s true).


Before you move onto the last step, make sure you have completed the above task. If you are using your dashboard, I recommend you place your intention in the ‘note to self’ and schedule in your future workouts in the ‘My Schedule’ sections on your dashboard. Doing this will allow you to be sent notifications as a reminder for each session.


  1. Optimising your body’s potential throughout each workout:


The third and final step to today’s blog is learning how to optimise your body’s potential whilst your completing each workout! To do this, I use the following four steps:

  1. Be Ready:

Being ready for each workout is important. This step ranges from wearing the right clothing, having the right mindset, warming-up the body correctly and making sure your body has enough energy to complete a workout (whether this be by having a sufficient amount of food, water or sleep). The best way to do this is by setting up a trigger.

A trigger is an action or object that instantly tells your mind and body that you’re about to complete a workout. Setting a trigger is easy, however for it to be effective it has to be done repetitively over a 3–week time span - choose a trigger that is realistic for you to complete on a daily basis, below are five easy examples that may work for you;


  • Put your shoes on the same way before each session (making this action a trigger);
  • Complete a workout at the same time eachday (making the time a trigger);
  • Complete your workouts on the same towel, mat or at the same location if possible (making the location / mat the trigger);
  • Complete the same warmup routine / breathing routine before a workout (making this movement a trigger); and lastly,
  • Have the same snack or drink before each workout if your training earlier in the morning this can even be a coffee (making the ingredients / taste a trigger).


Either way, setting a trigger will allow your mind and body to prepare itself prior to your workouts – this will ensure your mentally and physically ready to give 110%.


  1. Know the Workout:

This step is easy!

Before each workout, I want you to become familiar with the format and the technique to each of the exercises - Cam’s Crazy 8s users you have access to this information next to each workout video to ensure this step is done. If you're not familiar with the exercises labelled next to our workouts, click play on the workout video as the first two minutes will be myself explaining and demonstrating the format / technique.

Although this is a small and simple step, it is also one of the most important as it means whilst you are exercising your full-attention is focused on the below and giving it your all!


  1. Know Where to Place Your Attention:

This step is for you to complete once a workout commences. At this point, your body should giving it 110% if you have followed the above steps - therefore, it’s important to ensure your mind knows exactaly where to place your full attention as the workout goes on. 

There are two things I want you to focus on during a workout – this will assist in slowing down the fatigue of your muscles;


  • Breathing: This is where most people go wrong… when putting your body (in particular your core) under an extreme amount of pressure through exercise, it’s common to forget the simple yet crucial aspect of taking a breath (and as I’m sure you know, this is something I mention frequently throughout a session). Improving your oxygen intake will result in more blood-cells through your muscles - the positives from this include increased strength and stamina throughout your workout.

The best way to remember the simple task of breathing is to always breath-in on the easier part of a movement (such as the way down on a squat / push-up) and then breath-out during the hardest part of the movement (such as the way up on a squat / push-up). This helps to maintain a calmness throughout your body during the hardest part of a movement - it  also assists in supplying appropriate muscles with the correct amount of oxygen.

If you’re holding a static position (such as a plank, or mountain climbers) it’s important to focus on a consistent breath – focusing on expanding your stomach (not short shallow breaths into your chest). This is for the same reason as mentioned above.


  • Activating Muscles: This tip is particularly important for our isolation and mobility workouts. All I want you to do is place your attention on the muscle your trying to use / activate. This is as simple as focusing on your chest during a push-up; your shoulder blades during a back-squeeze; or even your glutes during a hip-raise. Either way, this will automatically allow your brain to tell the specific muscles to turn on, activate and work hard!


  1. Intention:

Always keep your intention at the fore-front of your mind when training and ALWAYS try to push past your comfort zone when exercising - this is where the results scan start to speak for themselves!




Overall, today’s blog supplied a wealth of information so you may need to read over this twice. To conclude, I want to emphasise the importance of being clear with the path and the results you want to achieve. Doing this will allow you to make bigger steps during your health and wellness journey and with an intention, your schedule and workouts - the results will speak for themselves.

Just remember: Stay strong, stay motivated and stay connected to your goals! Keep checking back into the CC8s member’s forums, blogs and workouts to stay up to date on all things fitness. Our community at CC8s is here to support you and your goals to ensure you stay on track to become the best version of yourself!


I’ll see you in your next workout!