Growing Community

Cam’s Crazy 8s is thankful of our community! Our platform is driven by our diverse members who come together from across the globe to motivate each other throughout their transformations. Having access to 24/7 forum's, live online workouts and countless information about nutrition, health and stress management - we genuinely care about making a difference to this world and your health!


Cams Crazy 8s - Community

Member Forum

Active 24/7 forums that are used by all members and trainers to communicate, inform and answer any questions you may have. Members can interact and share their amazing transformation stories with each other as part of the Cam’s Crazy 8s community.


Cams Crazy 8s Referral Programme

Referral Programme

When signing up to Cam's Crazy 8s you will gain access to our worldwide community and referal programme! Our referal programme allows each member to recieve 2-weeks free with every freind that they refer! This encourage's each of our member's to go through their health and wellness jounrey with a personal connection and freind by their side!

Cams Crazy 8s Referral Programme


Cams Crazy 8s - Personal Health Tracking

Private Health Tracking

Every member can create a personal account enabling you to upload progress photos, update body measurements, set goals and leave personal messages to track how your body is physically and mentally transforming.


Cams Crazy 8s - Health Guidance

Health Guidance

Get all the guidance and support you need by our team. Covering topics such as nutrition, gut health, stress management and much more. Ensuring you have all the tools you need in becoming a healthier and happier you.

Cams Crazy 8s - Health Guidance